Ethereal light for your
glass centerpiece

a table centerpiece between tradition and design


matteo fiorini, 2019

The Japanese name chosen for this collection does not translate into one particular word but, rather, a fleeting image, an impalpable atmosphere created by “the reflection of light on water”. 

Its inspiration stems from a visit to Japan, a place where the sober rituals, the quiet gestures, the architecture of sacred places and even simple table settings all speak of lightness and perfect harmony. This structure has been designed to resemble the four-eye yarai style bamboo fence, a traditional japanese fence, which combines simple yet sturdy lines given by the extremely durability and solidity of bamboo.


The resulting base of this glass centerpiece consists in a series of metal rods, intersected on the shorter side to form a thin easel. The desired sense of stability of the structure is dictated by the purpose of supporting a glass plate made in the thickness of one centimeter, whose shape resembles that of a boat or a leaf slightly inclined by the wind and gracefully filtering the sunlight. 

Hence a project which plays with challenging proportions and a delicate compositional balance. The two elements, container and base, are distinct yet united by means of a simple gesture, requiring no screws or fasteners.  

Choose your finishing

Ideal as a table centrepiece or an elegant fruit dish in its largest version, and as an original and useful knickknack tray in its reduced size, Hakou is available in three colour variants. For taking home a travel impression, an ethereal light and an attention to detail, exclusively made in Italy. 

hakou glass centerpiece

The lively material contrast brings together the most ancient craft – pulegoso glass that is fruit of an attentive dexterity and an astounding five-hour tempering process for each piece, recalling the art of Murano’s master glass makers – with the contemporary process expressed by the supporting trestle in varnished metal.

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