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Designed by Luca Barengo, the new Karen
table lamp is now available online.
Karen is a nostalgic project, which contains
experiences and memories of a trip to Myanmar
to meet the so-called “giraffe women”
and their unique characteristics that have
made them famous globally.

A lamp with unique features and a design that makes it comparable to a real jewel. A true synthesis of poetry.
The choice of materials and the many manufacturing techniques give it an extreme preciousness, uniqueness and reliability. Values that distinguish Mason Editions.

Designed by Serena Confalonieri.

With its fascinating shape and inebriating
scent, for many Asian cultures,
the lotus flower symbolises elegance,
beauty, perfection, purity and grace.
The stand of this magical flower is a
cone in enamel-coated metal and
24k gold, which narrows towards the top
to house the luminous core. Like a bud
opening up in the sunlight, Lotus unfolds
its petals consisting of three separate
blown glass elements. They gently
filter the light to create an intimate and
discreet atmosphere.

The intentionally simple formal design recalls the table lamps of the sixties, endowed with an additional decorative touch that makes Lotus the perfect solution for embellishing any room, from the lounge to the bedroom, with a touch of romantic elegance.

Designed by Martina Bartoli.

A light metal rod that rests on the surface
and then lifts up seems to touch the surface
with a quick tap, defining the handles off
Touché trays.
The organic shape of the base, round or oval,
combines with the thin, tubular giving the
impression of a perpetual undulating motion,
which seems to vanish when the trays are
looked at from above.

Designed by Serena Confalonieri.

The collection includes three objects
with different shapes and functions.
Mia’s decisive impression is given by
the contrast that is created between
the soft lines of the lower metallic
part, and the use, for the upper part,
of a strongly architectural material
such as perforated metal sheet.
A divergence that is further highlighted
by the marked squaring of the
decoration chosen for the sheet, made
particularly elegant by the treatment
in the two finishes in brass and nickel,
while the lower part is painted with
opaque colours, but with a strong

a combination of experience
and artisanal knowledge

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