Martina Bartoli 2019

The project springs from the concept of dissecting a flat rest surface into three different heights, to obtain three table tops. Made from solid wood, the wood grain, emphasized by an aniline finish, echoes this rotation with a geometric pattern in which the tops appear to be chasing each other.

The resulting movement is further underlined by a lightweight structure, supported by three slender steel rods. The wood tops, acting as a link between one rod and another, also become proper structural elements conferring stability to the table.

Product Type Small Table

Dimensions D 54 cm, h 52,5 cm

Single Color Finishes Light Gray | Black | Blue

Double Color Finishes  Light Grey metal base + Light Grey & Pumpkin Orange | Black metal base + Black & Light Grey top | Blue metal base + Blue & Coral top

technical sheet Triplo_ PDF

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