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styling and functional trays

martina bartoli, 2018

A light metal rod that rests on the surface and then lifts up seems to touch the surface with a quick tap, defining the handles of touché trays. The organic shape of the base, round or oval, combines with the thin tubular giving the impression of a perpetual undulating motion, which seems to vanish when the trays are looked at from above.

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A cheerful and modern Italian design, which thanks to its colors and the refined combination of golden handles, decorates your interior in an elegant way. Perfect as table tray centerpiece, vanity table tray, or serving tray with handles represents a versatile solution, to organise items or to simply decorate a space.

Touché has been interpreted in two new variants: black matt nickel rod paired up with a flat surface in black varnished ash, and matt copper rod with natural Canaletto walnut. Made from solid wood, the wood grain is emphasized by an aniline finish for a more refined touch.

small round tray with
small round handle


Ø 36 cm

small round tray
with oval handle


Ø 36 cm x 48 cm

oval tray with
oval handle


36 cm x 48 cm

oval tray with
big round handle


36 cm x 48 cm

big round tray with
big round handle


Ø 48 cm

Perfect as a help in the kitchen, or a serving tray to serve guests in the living room and on the terrace, Touché becomes a playful decorative element when placed in the center of a table or on a shelf.


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