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serena confalonieri, 2018

Mia vase collection includes three objects with different shapes and functions, which can be placed next to each other on a coffee table or on an entrance table for a highly decorative vase composition. The absence of sharp edges and opaque colors aim to give harmonousity and a mild expression, which combined with the gold or black nickel top, creates a distinctive touch to your decor.

mia tall vase
vase table decor

Mia Tall

serena confalonieri, 2018

black tall vase centerpiece
mia vase centerpiece
decorative vase

Mia Medium

serena confalonieri, 2018

tall black vase
mia low centerpiece filler

Mia Low

serena confalonieri, 2018

mia low centerpiece filler

Mia’s decisive impression is given by the contrast that is created between the soft lines of the lower metallic part, and the use, for the upper part, of a strongly architectural material such as perforated metal sheet. A divergence that is further highlighted by the marked squaring of the decoration chosen for the sheet, made particulary elegant by the treatment in the two finishes in 24k gold and nickel, while the lower part is painted with opaque colours but with a strong materiality.

vase table decor
mia vase set decor serena confalonieri


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