Amadea simple, distinctive, statuesque

Design by Quaglio Simonelli

Versatile and elegant, marble is able to add a touch of class to any environment: even the inclusion of small objects or the presence of marble furniture will make the difference.

Thanks to the juxtaposition between ancient and modern, the interiors design has finally opened new uses that see marble as the protagonist.

It is a noble and elegant mineral, synonymous with luxury, sobriety and extreme refinement.

The different veins of each block of Carrara marble allow you to have a customized piece of course. This is what makes Amadea so charming, each piece is considered unique.

amadea marble table lamp
amadea marble table lamp
Amadea is a luminous architecture designed by two simple volumes that play with transparencies and reflections. The light metal sheet, gently curved, rests on the cylindrical mineral base, cut to accommodate it. Fixed on a metal hinge, the sheet can rise to modulate the light. 

Placed or in apparent fragile balance, it makes the composition asymmetrical, giving it an iconic look.
The hollow Carrara marble base contains the light source. The light animates the material by highlighting its color variations and veins.


Material : Marble and Metal
Environments  : Indoor 
Cord Length  :  2200 mm 
Light source type : Led plate 

Amadea table lamp


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