Matteo Fiorini 2018

Fugit vase consists of a metal sheet that seems to chase and close on itself, generating an altenation of fullness and emptiness. The thinees of the sheet gives the object an obvious lightness, while the rigid shapes and acute or 90° angles design a sculptural vase eith a strong architectural soul. 

The edgy and asymmetric aesthetics of Fugit dialogues with the organic and soft matter of the flower, in a seuqence of contrasts that finds a different balance every time, and that also changes according to the observer’s point of view.

The small Pyrex glass tubes, designed to hold water and flower, and held in position by simple bent metal and magnets, may be easily extracted for cleaning and to change the water.

Code M-E.340

Product Type Vase

Dimensions 12 x 15 x 34 cm

Finishes Light grey | Sage Green | Petrol Green | Cotto | Black | Blue | Matte Bronze | Polished White or Black Nickel


technical sheet Fugit_ PDF


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