Designed by Quaglio Simonelli, 2022

Purity of shapes. Transparency of glass. Evanescence of silhouette.

The silhouette is a perfect synthesis of their traditional costumes while the design approach is that of a real jewel.
The choice of materials and the many manufacturing techniques give it an extreme preciousness, uniqueness and reliability.

Serena Confalonieri 2018

This stunning lotus table lamp has been designed to represent the purity and the elegance of the lotus plant with simple but elegant lines. The italian handcrafted touch of this lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing but aimes at transforming your décor in an exquisite and soothing element of your home’s interior. 

Serena Confalonieri 2018

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Quaglio Simonelli 2022

The Milo vases are inspired by the Ikebana flower art, a traditional Japanese flower arrangement.
Although at present Ikebana is used for purely aesthetic-decorative purposes, this art embraces a philosophical concept that sees at its base the connection of nature both with art and human beings.

Martina Bartoli, 2019

The project springs from the concept of dissecting a flat rest surface into three different heights, to obtain three table tops. Made from solid wood, the wood grain, emphasized by an aniline finish, echoes this rotation with a geometric pattern in which the tops appear to be chasing each other. The resulting movement is further underlined by a lightweight structure, supported by three slender steel rods.

Matteo Fiorini, 2018

Like a photon in constant motion, bending space as it goes, the luminous
source seems to have sufficient weight to distort the top on which it rests.
The concept is inspired by Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and his space-time studies.
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