Touché bois canaletto

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A light metal rod that rests on the surface and then lifts up, almost touching the surface with a quick tap, a movement that defines the handles of Touché trays.

The organic shape of the round base communicates with the thin tubular, giving the impression of a perpetual undulatory motion, which seems to vanish when the trays are looked at from above.

Made in Italy craftmanship

Design: Martina Bartoli

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small tray ⌀. 36 cm Walnut canaletto wood, small tray ⌀. 36 cm with oval handle Walnut canaletto wood, big tray ⌀. 48 cm Walnut canaletto wood


wood and metal

Dimensions (cm)

touché a bois canaletto Ø.36 cm small round tray with small round handle
touché b bois canaletto Ø.36cm x 48 cm small tray with oval handle
touché e bois caneletto Ø.48 cm big round tray with big round handle

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