Mia Set

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by Serena Confalonieri, 2018

Mia collection includes three objects with different shapes and functions creating a three vase set decor for your interior. Perfect to place over a table and create a beautiful composition, where every vase completes the other two with its soft lines or to decor different ambiances of your house as a centerpiece, fruitbowl or flower vase. Choose the black vase collection for an elegant touch or the soft warm palettes for a feminine touch.

Made in Italy

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Color Base + Matte Gold Perforated Sheet, Black Base + Matte Black Nickel Perforated Sheet




Mia tall (mm) Ø150 × H310 (in) Ø5,90 H12,20
Mia medium (mm) Ø210 × H215 (in) Ø8,27 H8,46
Mia low (mm) Ø300 × H120 (in) Ø11,81 H4,72

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