flower vase in pyrex glass

Milo flower vase glass

The Milo flower vase in pirex glass are inspired by the Ikebana flower art, a traditional Japanese flower arrangement.
What may appear to be a simple decorative object is actually a project that embraces the philosophy of its designers Quaglio Simonelli, that is, never see things as they are.
Although at present Ikebana is used for purely aesthetic-decorative purposes, this art embraces a philosophical concept that sees at its base the connection of nature both with art and human beings.

This connection is made possible by the minimalist design which gives a sense of lightness, accentuated by the simplicity which the flower is placed inside with. The perfect symmetry of the Milo vases aims at counterbalancing the philosophy behind the Ikebana art.

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The purpose of Ikebana is in fact to maintain the qualities of the flower and its natural inclination so that everything follows the natural order of things.
Thus a vase concept where all the environment around the flowers participates in the composition, enhancing the natural parts.

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