Mademoiselle glass table lamp

Mademoiselle is a crystalline lamp that will bring clean energy and create a pleasant atmosphere in your interiors. The superposition of transparent elements sketches an evanescent silhouette. The glass lampshade drops backwards and rises at the front of the lamp to partially discover the luminous sphere. The perfect transparency of this veil makes it possible to see every detail of the object in all its purity. Its minimal and soft silhouette reveals the lightness of the lamp and makes it ideal as a functional or decorative table light design, whether used as a bedside lamp or desk lamp, with a marked touch of Italian design. 

Crystalline lamps always find their place in interiors and, if put in a suntrap, are capable of refracting the light in many directions and create in your room suggestive reflections. Available in many different colours, Mademoiselle glass table lamp has been designed to enhance your home’s interior. 

Every detail in all its purity

glass table lamp

Mademoiselle glass table lamp


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