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lotus metal
Lotus design gold table lamp
Lotus Color
This stunning lotus table lamp has been designed to represent the purity and the elegance of the lotus flower with simple but elegant lines. The italian handcrafted touch of this lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing but aimes at transforming your décor in an exquisite and soothing element of your home’s interior. 
With its fascinating shape and inebriating scent, for many Asian cultures the lotus flower symbolises elegance, beauty and grace.Besides its estetic charm, the lotus it is commonly considered in many cultures as a sacred symbol for purity, inner strenght, resiliency and transcendence. 

table lamp for décor

The Lotus collection includes a several selection of colors and materials to choose from. Each table lamp in Lotus has its own characteristics and aims to give your living space a distinctive and decorative touch.
The support of this magical flower is a cone in enamel-coated painted metal and galvanized gold or nickel, which narrows towards the top to house the luminous core. Like a bud opening up in the sunlight, Lotus unfolds its petals consisting of three separate blown glass elements.

Matte White Nickel


Matte Copper


Polished Champagne Gold


Polished White Nickel

lotus metal

Matte 24k Gold

The intentionally simple formal design recalls the table lamps of the sixties, endowed with an additional decorative touch that makes Lotus the perfect solution for embellishing any room, from the lounge to the bedroom, with a touch of romantic elegance.


Lotus Color


Lotus Color


Sage green


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