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Casa Decor 2022

Calle Goya 89 _ Madrid

Casa Decor is a platform for interior design, trends and lifestyle, with a unique format, which takes place every year in a different location in the center of Madrid.

For 6 weeks, the Exhibition opens to the public an iconic and unique building of the Capital, which accommodates fifty spaces decorated by both consecrated professionals and young promises of interior design.


Milano Design Week 2018

Between assonances and colour contrasts, Mason Editions presents its first collection in the spaces of the FuturDome.

LightBlowing 2018

Fondaco Marcello _ Venice

Light Blowing is a pivotal moment in the international design scenario for the presentation of unpublished collections of glass lighting design, in addition to those collections created in Murano through virtuous collaborations between local Masters and international designers.

Palazzo Litta

Milano Design Week 2019

TIME MATTER _ Mason Editions presents the new collection of lighting, furnishings and accessories in Palazzo Litta's elegant "Studio del Marchese".

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