modular hanging lamps

An astral lighting concept

Inspired by bright stars and the Greek alphabet, Gamma is a project of suspended light that sees defined geometric shapes.
Modular lights that combine together, creating a striking design that changes depending on the angles. Its polygonal forms seem to recall the broken lines of the letter W and represent the constellation of Cassiopeia, the asterism in which the star Gamma shines.

In the Greek tradition stars are renamed with the letters of the alphabet based on the intensity of their emanated light. Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet and hence the third brightest star of the constellation. 

To complete this scheme of letters and numbers Gamma offers three ways to combine it elements, creating a range of six modular suspension lights.

The acid etched blown glass spheres contain the luminous soul which, combining in different ways with the metal elements, give life to ever new solutions that look like constellations.

Choose your finishing

Gamma enables you to choose your favorite pendant light and let them create an atmospheric ambiance for your décor.

GAMMA astral hanging light


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