stool, original bedside table or armchair

it's modernity, comfort and elegance

simplicity that turns into extreme functional synthesis

Solid, reduced to a minimum, but at the same time difficult to define with a glance. Depending on how and from where you observe it, the Fold coffee table reveals and hides objects placed on it, creating a dynamic visual experience. In a game of irregular planes cut and rounded, then joined together, its non-trivial simplicity is transformed into an extreme functional synthesis.

Fold can be visually divided into two main parts, each from the “L” section, then joined into a single structure.
One of the two portions forms the plane and then bends to become a supporting element. The second completes the composition by drawing two partitions that support and delineate at the same time a thin edge for the top, offering a compositional horizon to the objects that are placed there, as well as giving a slight containing effect, with a functional essentiality, a practical minimalism. Available in metal and lacquered polimex.

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