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serena confalonieri, 2018

With its fascinating shape and inebriating scent, for many Asian cultures, the lotus flower symbolises elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace.
The stand of this magical flower is a cone in enamel-coated aluminium and brass, which narrows towards the top to house the luminous core. Like a bud opening up in the sunlight, Lotus unfolds its petals consisting of three separate blown glass elements. They gently filter the light to create an intimate and discreet atmosphere

luca barengo, 2022

Karen is a nostalgic project, which contains experiences and memories of a trip to yanmar to meet the so-called “giraffe women” and their unique characteristics that have made them famous globally. The silhouette is a perfect synthesis of their traditional costumes while the design approach is that of a real jewel.

serena confalonieri, 2018

Inspired by bright stars and the Greek alphabet, Gamma is a project of suspended light that sees defined geometric shapes.
Modular lights that combine together, creating a striking design that changes depending on the angles. Its polygonal forms seem to recall the broken lines of the letter W and represent the constellation of Cassiopeia, the asterism in which the star Gamma shines.

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