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ferriani.sbolgi, 2023

The purity of the shapes, the materiality of the finishes and its volumes define a collection with classic features, but stripped of any excess, reduced to the essentials. 

luca barengo, 2023

Lixula vase design is a particular and surprising project inspired by the exoskeleton of sea urchins, the arbacia lixula, a semi-spherical shape divided by clearly visible sundials. The refined art of wicker weaving blends with the ancient technique of slab turning, two distant worlds but united by authentic values and the desire to safeguard Italian human capital. Lixula are a precious pair of vases/containers carrying past workers projected in modernity, where craftsmanship, experience, tradition and family is total throughout the production chain.

ferriani.sbolgi, 2023

The use of rigorous and geometric volumes but at the same time soft, outlines the two domestic sculptures, suitable for every space of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Two essential shapes, a rectangle and a circle, that combine and allow you to create small compositions. The natural essence of the wood is enhanced by the choice of two matt varnishes that enhance its intrinsic beauty. The use of solid wood also ensures the product longevity and warmth.

martina bartoli, 2018

A light metal rod that rests on the surface and then lifts up seems to touch the surface with a quick tap, defining the handles of touché trays. The organic shape of the base, round or oval, combines with the thin tubular giving the impression of a perpetual undulating motion, which seems to vanish when the trays are looked at from above.

matteo fiorini, 2018

The Japanese name chosen for this collection does not translate into one particular word but, rather, a fleeting image, an impalpable atmosphere created by “the reflection of light on water”. 

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